ICYMI: Southeast Austin and Bastrop Open Houses Recap

Flint Hills Resources recently hosted two open houses to provide the public with information on the current progress of the BATX Pipeline project.

The first event took place on February 26th at the Del Valle Community Center for residents in Southeast Austin, followed by another session on February 27th at the LCRA McKinney Roughs Nature Park for Bastrop residents.

To publicize the events, notifications were sent to landowners within 600 feet of the proposed route in a bilingual format. Newspaper ads were also placed in the Austin-American Statesman, Bastrop Advertiser, and El Mundo to notify the public.

Both events were well attended and offered the public a chance to interact with project managers and experts regarding inquiries pertaining to environment, safety, and landowner-specific concerns.  Notable guests included Austin City Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes and Judge Gregory Klaus of Bastrop County.

Postcard notifications sent to landowners in Southeast Austin and Bastrop.

Attendees met with Flint Hills Resources project managers and subject matter experts at the Del Valle Community Center.

Representatives from Flint Hills Resources landowner team.

A member of Flint Hills Resources discusses “pipeline integrity gauges” used to clean and inspect pipelines.

Austin City Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes attended the Southeast Austin Open House.A representative from the Flint Hills Resources environment team speaks with landowners.