Flint Hills Commitment

The BATX Pipeline will enable airlines to meet the current demand for Jet-A fuel and will fulfill future needs for projected growth. Eliminating the need for daily fuel tanker trucks, the pipeline will provide a safer and more reliable method of delivering the airport the fuel it needs every day.

proactive measures

Protecting the People, Property and Environment

Flint Hills Resources is committed to safety and environmental stewardship that protects people, property, and the environment. Flint Hills inspects our pipelines on a regular schedule, checking for signs that the pipeline needs maintenance.

Modern pipelines are designed and constructed in a way that minimizes environmental impacts. Utilizing certified steel pipe that meets or exceeds federal quality regulations, pipe segments are welded together end to end and are x-rayed to ensure no defects are present. Flint Hills Resources uses cathodic protection to enhance the resistance of the pipeline to external corrosion. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) allows pipelines to be buried deep underneath waterways to prevent the lines from coming into close contact with water resources. The pipeline will only commence operation once it passes a pre-operation hydrotest which validates its integrity.

24/7 Asset Monitoring

Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

In-line Inspection Tools

811 One Call System

Aerial Patrols

Station Air Monitors

In addition to these proactive measures, we also communicate with the public through public awareness meetings, committee outreaches, and LEPC meetings to partner with and educate the public on what looks abnormal and how we can be trained to respond if an unexpected event were to occur.

Once constructed, the BATX Pipeline will be monitored around the clock by a control center that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

a collaborative effort


Prior to construction, Flint Hills Resources is partnering with an environmental firm to carefully study the pipeline route and identify any ecological and archeological concerns.

During the construction of the pipeline, we will work side-by-side with all landowners to minimize the impacts resulting from the construction and operation of the pipeline. We remain committed to fully restoring and maintaining the land along the entire approximately 20-mile route. In doing this restoration, we will closely adhere to federal, state, and local regulatory agency standards.

Flint Hills Commitment

From our daily operations to the selection, design, and execution of projects, we constantly strive to use fewer resources, eliminate waste and minimize emissions associated with our production processes. We expect our sites to operate in compliance with all applicable environmental rules and regulations at all times and to never cease improving their environmental performance.

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Protecting people, the environment, and property are Flint Hills Resources’ top priorities, especially in emergencies.